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We are all broken.

But God sees us as BEAUTIFUL.

The Story Behind


God had a much different plan for me - isn't that exactly how He works?  I had been receiving emails from Holy Yoga every month about upcoming teacher trainings that I kept deleting because I had done yoga once in my life and I preferred Pilates, NOT yoga.


One day God whispered in my spirit “So...when you become a Pilates Instructor, are you gonna tell everyone Pilates healed you? Or are you gonna let them know I healed you?”


Then, like Jacob, I began to wrestle with God.  “But God . . . I don’t have one clue about yoga!!! I can’t do it!! I KNOW Pilates!”  He said, “I know. That’s why I want you to do this. BECAUSE you can’t without ME!” To which I replied, “But I’m just this broken person, I can’t lead others to You!!!” And He said sooooo lovingly, “I know you are broken Suzie, but you are OH SO BEAUTIFUL to me!" 


Boom! Beautifully Broken Yoga was born in that moment.

Hi I'm Suzie!  I am a certified Holy Yoga/Yogalates Instructor and the girl behind Beautifully Broken Yoga, which began after I had a journey that connected my broken body to a beautiful encounter with God.  

A few years ago, I had a back injury (and a couple of bulging discs) that brought me to my knees.  Literally. Weeks of physical therapy helped me to learn how to sit, stand and sleep properly, and most importantly, how to use my core.


Close friends introduced me to Pilates, that I quickly became addicted to. It helped me become stronger from the inside out and totally changed my life! I wanted to share with the world ALL that Pilates did to heal my body and how it was a miracle worker.  I wanted to become a Pilates Instructor and help others in their healing journey.

Well . . . 

About Beautifully Broken Yoga

About Beautifully Broken Yoga

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Worship.  Peace.  Stillness.  Physical well-being.  An alternative to Eastern Yoga philosophies.




*** Adapted from HolyYoga.Net *** First and foremost, Holy Yoga® exists to establish Christ-centered communities across the globe where individuals are intersected by the living God through the practice of yoga and living beyond themselves.  Holy Yoga® Global began with a faithful response to God’s call from its founder, Brooke Boon. Brooke was raised in the Jewish faith, but a personal crisis led her to a church where she found a Bible and read it cover-to-cover. She developed an intimate relationship with Jesus yet struggled to reconcile her background in yoga with her newfound faith in Christ. God’s extraordinary plan for Holy Yoga Global began with a simple seed in Brooke’s heart—a desire to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth and use a simple wellness ministry to one day reach millions with His love.

By the grace of God, Holy Yoga Global will continue providing world-class training where wellness practitioners are intersected by the living God and resourced to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Today, Holy Yoga Global has trained approximately 4,500 people across the globe and proudly partners with the Holy Yoga® Foundation to support these instructors in creating Christ-centered communities that touch more than 1 million lives every year. Continue reading at

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More About Suzie

I was born and raised in the Bay Area in Northern California where I met my husband, John, in our freshman year of high school.  We instantly became best friends..  Then after we graduated from the same college and God’s timing was perfect. . . He brought us together as a couple.


We were married at our favorite winery in Napa, and have been married for 27 years. We have 2 super amazing boys, Johnny and Jake. Both graduates of Biola University in Southern California.


Over our 27 years together, God had us move all over this great country, including Northern California settling in El Dorado Hills - where I started the Holy Yoga path. And in 2022, the Lord lead us to Tennessee where we are enjoying being closer to family in South Carolina, and taking care of our garden and our sweet chickens!

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